About Bev Barnard 


I live near Boston (USA) but am originally from England. I started drawing and painting at an early age and am totally self-taught, which I believe allowed me to develop my own style and techniques, rather than having the influence of a teacher affect my work. While studying the History of Design at the Brighton College of Art I started painting marine subjects, driven by my love of sailing, sailboat racing, and the romance of the oceans. I put my first three watercolors in an open-air art exhibition on Brighton seafront, and all three sold in the first hour of the exhibition. Within a year I opened my gallery on Marine Parade and formed the Society of South Coast Marine Artists. During the next couple of years, I sold many paintings and also had 2 cartoon books (Rogue Waves and Straight From The Horses Mouth) published. I was also commissioned to design a set of stamps for the island of Nauru to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the LLoyds List, a registry of commercial shipping. Royalties from my books allowed me to spend a couple of years sailing in the Caribbean and East Coast of the USA and I eventually settled here 1989.


Currently, I am painting a series of landscapes in oil. These are designed to intrigue the viewer, luring them initially to study these detailed and (hopefully) beautiful paintings, only to discover curious and sometimes sinister imagery buried in the composition, raising questions about the true meaning of the paintings, exploring life's path, death, love, and the afterlife.





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